Update for news on website from president

Although we have had to amend our meeting schedule, and we are taking each week as it comes it does not mean that we cannot stay in touch with each other and reach out to each other of you feel the need we all enjoy the fellowship that Rotary has to offer with our Batemans Bay club.

Obviously, we have been putting our monthly markets on hold currently until lockdown ends but we are unsure when that will be. Vaccination will be the key. To encourage vaccination, governing bodies might require the public to be vaccinated before they return to their favorite event, for example the races, punters, staff, and volunteers, including all Rotarians might all need to be vaccinated before being granted entry.

Go to the district website for the latest news and updates.
The District rotary directory is a source of Rotary information and contact details for all district 9705 Rotarians and Rotoractors is now available.
Last year Rotary added a new service area of focus: the environment. In response The Rotary Down Under has been running a series of relevant articles under the heading “Our Earth Our Home”

Do not forget to nominate Businesses for the Vocation Event to be held on November the 4th 2021 This will be an evening of recognition of local businesses and workers in our area being recognised for excellence by Batemans Bay Rotary Club.

Exciting news from the Narooma. The new president Andrew and his crew have a keynote project for 2021-2022 and they recently received a formal accreditation from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Details of the rollout are currently being developed but Covid just getting in the way.

What a great Zoom meeting on the 9th of Sept 2021 John Hasslam talked and talked and talked, so much I had to mute him. But not one person interrupted because we were all so interested in his stories of parliament. John spoke with personal knowledge and experience of his time in parliament from 1975- 1980 and how things were done. It really was a privilege to hear how respectful John spoke of our politicians, and parliament, no matter what party they were associated with. He can name drop till the cows come home, he was involved in some big decision making on how things are currently done now and campaigned heavily to get the new parliament house. When he was in parliament, he truly was dedicated to his people that he represented.

We had Adam Detotth our area governor joins us. Let’s keep being together no matter how difficult it can be. Also, the AGM is on the horizon if anyone would like to put their name forward for a position.

And of course, Pam and Jeff put together a fun quiz general knowledge on Batemans Bay, I must be honest and say your current president failed but that little real estate agent Bronwyn Geppert was most successful on knowing where places were when just given a picture!

A fun night thanks you to everyone for participating we have a board meeting next week I will send the link out . Stay safe.