A Brief Update

We have the upcoming AGM for the club and Nelligan Park on the 2nd December.

Our community committee have been successful to receive the grant from FRRR they are now putting together a program to put together a plan of action for all the not for profits in the area.

Our $10,000.00 for international project in Timor Leste has been put to good use by ‘Spend It Well’ and they suspect the school we be delivered within the next 4 months. The committee members are now busy investigating ways to send tables and chairs and school equipment to Timor Leste. Jeff will keep us updated.

We have recently had two new potential members take an interest in the club and Pam and her team are on to this plus they are looking into brochures etc. for advertising membership.

Don’t for get to fill in the application form for anyone you know regarding the ‘Pride in Workmanship’ awards.

A lot of our youth programs are currently on hold due to Covid.

I thank our members for their continuing support of the club and their community.