Australia Day Committee Meeting Minutes



Jeff Thorpe opened the meeting at 5pm and welcomed everyone with a special welcome to Lions Club members Leslie and Jacki

Attendance: Jeff Thorpe David Ashford Peter Kable Neil Simpson Pam Thorpe Leslie Crompton Jacki Harding

Apologies: Brian Jones, Hugh Scott, Valerie Brandenburg Alan Russell

Council Application: Email received from Tina Young ESC. Approval has been granted to conduct the Batemans Bay Australia Day Breakfast. A site induction has been arranged with Council’s Risk and Parks Coordinators on Monday 23 January at 10.30am. Jeff, David and Neil will attend. Meet Council on the Foreshore opposite Ice Creamery.

It was noted that what we are referring to as the Foreshore should be called Batemans Bay Waterfront.

Refer attached ESC Approval letter and conditions. It is noted that there is a requirement of vehicle access to the T Wharf and a parking Marshall must be located in car park to allow access.

Closure of car park There was no reference to the closure of car park. Jeff will follow up

Lions Club Breakfast Participation: Jackie informed the meeting that they would work on 600 bacon, 400 sausage and 1000 eggs. Cost will be approx. $1200

Tasks completed:
Jeff: Has confirmed attendance of Sing Australia Choir free of charge and they will sing approx. 6 songs.
Has confirmed attendance of Clydesdales and they are looking forward to performing and will include some more modern Australian music, They have yet to get back on cost. It was noted that their last performance on Australia Day 2020 was $450.
St John Ambulance have been emailed again as no confirmation.

David: Has contacted ABC and Paul West but they have not yet confirmed
Has confirmation of SES, Both Fire Brigades and Highway Patrol attending.
Has contacted the Eurobodalla Bush Fires re donation of water but to no avail. This will be priced from Aldi or Coles.

Peter: has confirmation of attendance of Moruya District Brass Band. They will require a donation of $200 and 20 armless chairs. Happy to perform 2 half hour sets.

Hugh: Has had confirmation of attendance of Fiona Phillips and Dr Michael Holland. The Mayor is unable to attend.

Neil: informed the meeting that there would be no Australia Day Ambassador.
Has sourced PA System from Bailey Briggs and the cost will be $700

Pam: Has confirmed attendance of Vicky McMillan Facepainting. She will come from 8am to 12pm and the cost will be $300. We will provide gazebo. She will require water.

Tasks to be completed:

Jeff: will chase up Car Park Closure Application.

David: Will source traffic cones to keep ramp onto underneath bridge free.
Will work on programme and running sheet.

Peter & Valerie: will canvas retail businesses and give out posters to display. Businesses have already been informed of Markets and Australia Day by Neil and Council and there were no objections.

Neil: Will design A4 posters and approach Meals on Wheels re printing. It was decided that 50 posters would be sufficient.
Will send Risk Management to Rotary
Will organise printing of tickets by MOW

Pam: Will contact Face Painter re water. May be able to use a large container of water.
Will cost out bread from Bakers Delight for Lions sandwiches and Rotary’s damper and Fairy Bread
Will contact Bruce Gruber re other requirements for the day.
Will make spreadsheet of expenses.

Jeff closed the meeting at 6.10pm
Date of next meeting Tuesday 6th December in the Poppy Room.

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