Wonderful progress on building our school in Timor

We have received the following email from Kris Webb – Spend It Well.

All is coming along well at Omelai. There have been bad rainstorms in Timor, which have caused flooding (even though it’s the dry season), but work on the school is carrying along regardless.

Agostinho accompanied the trucks carrying the roofing materials and water tank from Baucau (a town east of Dili). Because of the size of the truck and the state of the road they had to go over the mountains and all the way to the south coast and then up again to Omelai. The truck overheated when they reached the south coast, but they managed to fix it and finally reach Omelai.  Mariano and his crew have worked hard since then, and the roof is now finished and the walls are being plastered. I’ve attached a map showing the journey for the roofing materials.

Such a beautiful location – I’m struck by how remote it is every time I see a photo.

Kris Webb