Club Secretary (2022 - 2023)

The Club Secretary forms part of the Club executive together with the President and the Treasurer. The role of Club Secretary is a pivotal role and the central point of the Club’s administration and has a major impact on the efficient and effective management of the Club.

As Club Secretary I am responsible for:

  • The preparation and distribution of Board Meeting and Committee agendas.
  • The collection and distribution of all correspondence and ensuring the correspondence is dealt with in a proper and timely manner.
  • Recording the minutes of all Board and Committee meetings and distributing copies to Board and Club members.
  • The maintenance of membership records.
  • The maintenance of membership and club records on the Rotary International website.
  • Ensuring the Club operates within the terms of its constitution and by-laws and update those documents as required.
  • The organisation and conduct of the Annual General Meeting each year and record the election of office bearers and directors.
  • The Secretary also monitors club trends to identify strengths and areas for improvement in the general day-to-day affairs.