Youth & Vocation Update

At this stage we have nothing on our agenda except the hope that someone may nominate an employee for the Pride in Workmanship Award (do you know of anyone??) which closes on October 15th and the presentation night is November 4th.

So have the night off but keep speaking to people about a candidate for the award

Those who heard the young Doctors last week, I hope you also enjoyed hearing from them  and learning what they had been up to in our area. They are always impressive and intelligent young people.

The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) is happening in January and Moruya Rotary has nominated someone, and I said we would support her. The NYSF Chair was asking for additional assistance but I have heard nothing from the girl, the family, the school or NYSF since. The Chair of NYSF did say the girl had left school due to some pressures, but that  they were still accepting her application and I understood she had been selected. So I am not sure what is happening- all very odd. There was a second girl (also from Carroll College)and I emailed her and the Head of Science, but heard nothing back from her (I did hear from the teacher acknowledging the contact), so couldn’t send anything to you Val on this matter.

Put your thinking caps on as you know the International Director is looking at a partnership with a Not for Profit and RAWCS for a school building in East Timor. This may be an opportunity for Youth and Vocation to develop once the school is underway….support for the children; support for the teachers. These could be in various forms and if we think wide it could be a chance to be very important in the success of the school.

Hope to see everyone in person once the Lockdown is lifted, but until then please keep safe and healthy.