George Browning

On Thursday 28th October. It was a pleasure to welcome George back to speak to our club as a past member. But the retired Bishop George Browning has been involved with so many things so not retired at all.
He is a blogger link, if your interested in current events and a perspective.
He is a chair of the Anglican Communion Environment network, He is the president of the Australian Palestine Advocacy Group.
But tonight he was an Author, a message to his grandchildren. “Not Helpful”, The Tales of a Truth Teller.

Being a priest he feels is what he was borne to do. immigrating to Australia at 18 starting as a jackaroo in Queensland. At 20 he topped Australia in theology as he joined the seminary.
Not Helpful is rendered through anecdotes, and commences with a biographical details illustrating how the author was formed and shaped to live a life at the centre of the institutional Church and yet always on the edge as a champion of the vulnerable and voiceless.
a great night of interesting conversations and reflective of ones self. George has a joy to share his stories.