Board Meeting Minutes 21 July 2022

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of the Rotary Club of Batemans Bay Inc

Held on Thursday 21 July 2022 at 5pm at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club

Attendance:   Matthew Thomas (Chair), Alan Russell, Jeff Thorpe, Pam Thorpe, Neil Simpson, Nicole McDonald, David Ashford (video call), Bruce Clarke (video call).

Apologies:      Nil

Welcome to the new Board by President Matthew: President Matthew welcomed all Board members to the meeting.   

Minutes of the previous Board Meeting held 26 May 2022 were tabled and read.

It was resolved on the motion of David Ashford/Jeff Thorpe that the minutes be adopted.

Business arising from previous Minutes:

  1. John Law Award/Annual Awards – Report from previous Secretary (Hugh Scott) – No report yet received – secretary Neil to contact Hugh with a reminder.  
  2. Club By-Laws – Update – Report from previous Secretary (Hugh Scott) – No report yet received – secretary Neil to contact Hugh with a reminder.
  3. Ali Minogue – request for some support for daughter. Alan Russell reported that this request will not be supported and he will contact Ali with that response.  
  4. No Board meeting was held on Tuesday 16 June 2022 as planned.

Correspondence In:

  1. Letter of thanks for our donation with receipt received from CanAssist ($6000) and Australian Rotary health ($1000). Forwarded to treasurer.
  2. Request from District to sign and return the annual Child Protection verification. Club Protection Officer to action and return.

It was resolved on the motion of Neil Simpson/Matthew Thomas that the correspondence be accepted.

Treasurer’s Reports:

  1. Project Account and General Account report to June 30 2022.

The Treasurer raised the issue of budgeted funds that remain unspent at the end of the financial year. General discussion determined that a lot of the unspent allocations are for longer term projects and will need to be held over into next year’s budget.   

It was resolved on the motion of Bruce Clarke/Matthew Thomas that the accounts be adopted.  

  1. Proposed budgets for 2022-2023.

Moved to General Business following Director’s Reports.

Director’s Report

President: Nil

Club Service: Nil

Community Service: July 2022 Report and Draft Plan and Budget 2022-23 attached.

Presentation by David Ashford:

1) Sunday Markets – the conditions of the ground raised as an issue. Group to be formed consisting of Neil Simpson/David Ashford/Matthew Thomas/Nicole McDonald to approach Council in conjunction with Marine Rescue re alternative facilities available.

2) FRRR – We now have $22000 in our account for this project. David Ashford will be developing a questionnaire for all club members to use when contacting the nearly 300 clubs, charities and organisations in Batemans Bay to determine the current contact details for the database which we need to develop.

The Board will need to contract a coordinator to manage this project (up to $6000 allocated).

A new grant application is underway for a community hub.

3) Rotary Race Day – Currently around $15000 has been raised to purchase a vehicle for palliative care patients at the new hospital. Moruya and Narooma Rotary have now decided on different priorities so it is recommended that the Board consider the purchase of this vehicle (preferably and electric vehicle) become a major project for this club.

It was resolved on the motion of Alan Russell/David Ashford that the purchase of an electric vehicle for Southern Area Health for palliative care patients become the priority local project for this club.    

4) Bushfire Recovery – The Rotary Club of Wollongong donated $3080 to us through PP Chris Watson for bushfire recovery. Half of this sum ($1540) is to go directly to the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens (Treasurer will contact Michael Anlezark) and the other half ($1540) is available to us to use for bushfire relief activities. The Director indicated that the signage at the Botanic Gardens could be updated. This idea will need further investigation.   

It was resolved on the motion of David Ashford/Neil Simpson that the report and recommendations be adopted. Note that the budget requests are to be dealt with at the next Board meeting.  

Youth and Vocational Service: Printed report tabled and discussed.

It was resolved on the motion of Alan Russell/Jeff Thorpe that the report be adopted. Note that the budget requests are to be dealt with next at the next Board meeting.

International and The Rotary Foundation: Director’s Report attached.

It was resolved on the motion of Jeff Thorpe/David Ashford that the report and recommendations be adopted. Note that the budget request in the Draft Budget are to be dealt with next Board meeting.

Membership: The Director reported she is still following up on one expression of interest.  

General Business:

  1. Proposed structure for Board Meeting dates and club meeting dates 2022-23

The Board reaffirmed the importance of having a Rotary activity on every Thursday for members.

DINNER MEETINGS: After general discussion it was recommended to continue to hold Dinner Meetings (some to include partners) on the second and fourth Thursday of every month featuring a guest speaker or presentation.

BOARD MEETINGS: After general discussion the Board agreed to hold a monthly Board Meeting on the third Thursday of every month, followed by an open invitation for members to join together for a social dinner at the Soldiers Club from 7.00pm (own cost).

The dates for future Board Meetings this year (commencing at 5.00pm followed by optional dinner in the bistro) will be:

18th August; 15th September; 20th October; 24th November; 15th December; 16th February; 16th March; 20th April; 18th May; 15th June (joint meeting with incoming Board).

The President indicated that he would like to trial a breakfast Board Meeting at some stage during the year (warmer weather) especially where the Board needs to focus on one or two major issues for discussion.

SOCIAL MEETINGS: After general discussion it was recommended that we organise an optional, social ‘bistro’ night on the first Thursday of the month where members and partners could come together an enjoy fellowship and a meal in the Soldiers Club (own cost) with no formal Rotary meeting occurring.

It was resolved on the motion of Matthew Thomas/Neil Simpson that this plan for club meetings during the year be raised and discussed by members at the meeting next Thursday.

  1. Authorisation of Signatories for the Rotary Club accounts 2022-2023

Motion that the signatories for the on-line and passbook financial accounts of the Rotary Club of Batemans Bay Inc for 2022 – 2023 financial year be as follows:

Matthew Thomas – Club President

Neil Simpson – Club Secretary

Bruce Clarke – Club Treasurer

Nicole McDonald – Club Immediate Past President.   

                        Moved: Pam Thorpe; Seconded Alan Russell. Carried.

  1. Appointment of Honorary members of the club 2022-23

Motion that the Board offer Honorary Membership of the club for the 2022 – 2023 year to the following people:

            Jan Harding

            Betty Siddenham

Moved: Alan Russell; Seconded Pam Thorpe. Carried.

  1. Plans for Australia Day 26 January 2023

Motion that the Secretary write to Council to clarify if they have any plans or aspirations for Australia day activities in Batemans Bay prior to the Board making a decision for January 26th 2023.

Moved: Neil Simpson; Seconded Alan Russell. Carried.

  1. Discussion Paper – David Ashford. This item was dealt with in the Director’s report.
  1. Board Composition:

Motion: That the immediate Past President become a member of the Board.

Moved: Alan Russell; Seconded: Matthew Thomas. Carried.

There bring no further general busines the meeting closed at 7.06pm.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday 18th August at 5.00pm (Soldiers Club)